When I was doing physical therapy recently I had to stand on one of those wobble boards. They are a particularly loathsome form of torture for someone with such terrible balance as I have. The most basic version of a wobble board is basically half a ball with wood on top and you must balance on it which means you use your core muscles.

Even I can manage it for a very short amount of time. But then I wobble, or I think I wobble and I forget everything I am doing, I let those core muscles go because all I am thinking about is falling, or the fear of falling. If I caught it early I could stabilize. If I practice I will be stronger. As it is, when one limb shifts or shakes my whole body becomes a house of falling cards.


Sometimes our faith can feel like we are standing on a wobbly board. We are afraid of things, we shift awkwardly, and we hang on for dear life to whoever or what ever we can. At times like this we might want to ask, where is our core? The difference between my PT muscle learning and our spiritual center is that our core, our experience of God in Jesus, God’s love for us, is something which holds strong, no matter what we are doing. When we are wobbling crazily, we might want to try standing still to see whether we can find a stability, which is not from our own action, but from God’s grace and mercy.