Here are questions for us to prayerfully consider as we prepare for worship this Sunday (the lessons are from the Track 2 option). We hope you will find them a useful resource as you prepare to receive them in church. Click on the red headings below to go to the reading.

Genesis 18:20-32

The sin of Sodom has been misunderstood in our Western culture. The prophet Ezekiel clarified what Sodom’s sin was: “Now look at the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters were proud, sated with food, complacent in prosperity. They did not give any help to the poor and needy” (Ezekiel 16:49). How does this prophetic perspective change how we think about sin?

Psalm 138

This is a joyful psalm. Try to incorporate it in your daily times of prayer this week. One verse to consider in response to the passage from Ezekiel noted above is verse seven, “Though the Lord be high, he cares for the lowly; he perceives the haughty from afar.” God’s glory includes his loving care for those who are at the bottom of society’s ladder of power. How does that inform our faith and treatment of others?

Colossians 2:6-15, (16-19)

How are we “rooted in Jesus”? What about our daily life connects us with the life provided to us in Jesus? Take time this week to reflect on that question. Start by considering the “big picture” of God’s love and redemption provided for us in Jesus. Then consider some of our practical responses including prayer, love of neighbor, Bible study, and Holy Communion. How are our “roots,” our connection to the Good News of God in Jesus? Are we receiving the life we need?

Luke 11:1-13

This passage includes Luke’s simpler version of the Lord’s Prayer (the one we use in church is from Matthew 6). Try praying this version during your daily times of prayer this week. In the parable that follows this prayer, reflect on the word “persistence.” Other translations for this word include “importunity,” “brashness,” and “shamelessness.” How do you feel about being brash or shameless in your approach to prayer?