“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” 
~ Frederick Buechner

Community of Hope International was founded by Episcopal clergy, Reverend Dr. Helen Appelberg and others who joined her in becoming what many need most, a compassionate presence.

Through a newly formed ministry group,  Christ Church is becoming one of over 125 Community of Hope centers that have been established across the United States, British Columbia, Canada, Mexico, and in Malawi, Africa.

Our inaugural group of participants will go through weekly training over the next few months with the goal of being equipped using the principles of balance, stability, hospitality and prayer. This will enable us to better bring the love of Christ into the world, offering ourselves, as trained lay people in the places where people are hurting.

The training is designed to help us grow individually and as a group who are journeying together. When the training nears completion, the group discerns where and with whom they should serve. This is a ministry of listening and presence, applications are limitless. Ministry could take place in nursing homes, hospitals, support to first responders, support to case managers, with children in after school programs – the possibilities are endless.  The training also supports people who are already involved in some kind of helping ministry as a type of continuing education or deepening of the inner resources one needs when practicing love in the world.

Led by Father Bob Morris, Malinda Harris, Father Keith Oglesby and others with a depth of knowledge in pastoral care, holy listening and companioning, our first group will complete their training in mid May and will be commissioned to go and serve. A second group will likely begin the training this summer on a weekday evening. If you want to learn more or sign up for future training sessions, contact Leila Quinlan or Father Keith Oglesby at the church office.