Two of my adult children live in North Carolina. They laugh at me during the summer because it is just too hot and they are enjoying the mountain air. When we get to this time of the year and their leaves are dropping and they are searching for hats and gloves the tables turn and Florida becomes a haven from the colder north.

Our relationship with God is seasonal. We have those times when everything is pleasant, when we can walk and talk and relax in God’s presence. And then we have those seasons where things are turning. The leaves bud or fall. And there is always winter, not so much Florida winter but the deep snowy winters of the Blue Ridge which make is just too cold and just to slippery.

When we are in that place where we are certain that even the best all-wheel drive vehicle will pull us out, we can rest assured in the fact that we are not the first and we will, certainly, not be the last who find ourselves in a dark winter of the soul. The hardest thing in this place is to wait.

Where can I go from your spirit or where can I flee from your presence? If I ascend to heaven, you are there. if I make my bed in the depths of the earth, you are there also. (Psalm 139:8)

Even when we feel utterly lost, God is there in the depths. Fear of winter makes us want to flee to our own safety, but, as the psalmist says, we can never flee from the presence of God, even when we cannot feel it.