At a tributary of the Jordan River, the patriarch Jacob found himself in a wrestling match with God, struggling with his past and with his future. By the next morning, he was changed from Jacob to Israel, and who he was to become was revealed, reimagined, and reinforced.

As we have wrestled with the future of contemporary worship at Christ Church, our identity has been revealed, re-imagined, and reinforced. What happened at the Jordan, we expect to see in our experience of worship and community at the confluence of our traditions and our dreams for the future.

Beginning January 7, 2018, the Jordan Services will be held at 9:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. in our Contemporary Worship Space.

The Jordan Services at Christ Episcopal Church offer a space for the flowing together of the best of our Christian tradition, our vision for the future, and God’s dreams for us.

  • At the Jordan River, Jacob struggles with God, found a blessing (Genesis 32). This is a place for us to struggle openly with God and find our blessings together.
  • At the Jordan River, God’s healing was given to everyone (II Kings 5). This is a place for all of us to find healing.
  • At the Jordan River, the people were called to change their hearts and hear good news (Mark, 1:4-5; Matthew 3:1-3). This is a place for each of us to find a new start, a new path, and a new kingdom.
  • At the Jordan River, Jesus was able to find safety in a time of trouble (John 10:39-40)

This is a place for us to find safety and rest.

  • At the Jordan River, God’s people remember forever that God has led them home (Joshua 4).

This is where home is.
Welcome home.