Some of you might know I have a soft spot for St. Peter. He is impetuous, loyal and generally like a lot of us; eager to please, desperately wanting to do the right thing but, often, showing his own vulnerability and misunderstanding.

I like him for this, but I also like the fact that Jesus chose him to be the rock upon which the Church was to be built. The same man who had nearly drowned trying to walk on water. The same man who had tried to build houses for Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration because he had read the situation all wrong. Ultimately, the same man who claimed not to know Jesus as he sat next to a fire in the courtyard of the High Priest during Jesus trial and wept bitterly when he realized what he had done.

Peter’s lack of perfection, his resolve and his love for Jesus should give us all hope that we are called, not to be perfect, but to be who we are in the service of Christ. We are called to do our best, to try and try again – even when we make terrible mistakes and to be those upon whom the community of faith, the Church, can rely, knowing that the Church is a bunch of people just like us – trying our best but, sometimes, falling in the water.