Tuesday 12th December

Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all people shall see it together, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Isaiah 40:5

I was once told (probably in a sermon) that there was an old Jewish proverb which said that if everyone believed in God at the same time, everywhere on Earth, then time would end. I have no way of verifying this is a real proverb, but it makes me think about how we settle for less than we might be being called to.

My response is, “That is impossible.” Part of this might be defensive that I do not want the world to come to an end, but most of it is a reflection of my general apathy that God would never do that. Of course, there are all sorts of conversations about inter-faith understandings and the naming of God in different places. But my underlying assumption is that it would not be possible for everyone to turn, at the same time, towards God.

I wonder why this is? Do I lack trust in God’s ability to make this happen? I am not sure I do. Do I lack trust in myself, and places of worship full of people like me? I think this is it. If God works through people like me then, I have a sneaking suspicion, that because I do not always trust and pay attention, because I openly rebel, that even if everyone did believe in God, some of us would not be facing in the right direction.

But this way of thinking is really just another way of saying that I do doubt God’s ability to work  – because I doubt God’s ability to work through me. We all have doubts, they come and go, but when we allow them to cloud our vision of God to the point where we become afraid to live into our faith and proclaim the Good News, then we need to force ourselves to turn around, and see what we have been missing.

Lord, when I doubt, come close to me. Give me confidence that you are waiting, watching, guarding, until I turn again. Amen