The Lord is Risen indeed!  Alleluia.

Don’t think that Easter is over, no! Easter is not a day; it is a season.

Easter is a fifty-day party!  Why? Because Jesus was dead, and now he is alive! That calls for a party!

An operative word for Easter could be, “Rejoice!”

As we heard in the singing of the Exsultet during the Easter Vigil, so beautifully chanted by Joe Colsant (If you haven’t watched it, do so here, “Rejoice and sing now, all the round earth, bright with a glorious splendor, for darkness has been vanquished by our eternal King.”

The Exsultet is an ancient Christian song, but it is not scriptural.  If you need a verse, try Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!”

But how are we supposed to party when we are in lock-down?  Good question. Have a zoom party! Have two!  If you don’t know how to zoom, we can teach you. DeeAnn and I had two neighbors over for a little mini-party on our driveway, (respecting the social distance requirements at all times, of course). It is also important to be in contact with each other, even in small ways. This is a time for rejoicing.

We can also find joy in redoubling all of our efforts to love… to love God and neighbor. Stay in contact with God in your prayers (Morning Prayer is a good way to start every day). Stay in contact with each other by joining an online Bible study or small group. Stay in contact with others. Call a long-last friend. Make a new friend as you walk through your neighborhood (six feet apart!). Go to Church (virtually).

Find some joy in your life, despite the hardships of COVID.

And as I have said, if you don’t feel like rejoicing right now, that’s ok too. We will rejoice for you until you can again. We will be together again soon.

Finally, find something to give thanks for. For instance, we have two Christ Church parishioners who beat COVID-19!  Two who were sick and now are healing, by God’s grace. That’s something to give thanks for if ever there was one!

Your clergy and staff team are here for you. They can have difficult or anxious days too. But they are also strong and clear and faithful. Give them a call.

We can pray with you. We can talk with you. We can cry with you. And we can rejoice with you. We will get through this together, with God’s help. Alleluia!

Every blessing,

Fr. Tom+