This week we celebrate the feast of St. Luke. Luke is best known as a Gospel writer but he is also the patron saint of the medical profession. He is usually thought to have been a doctor himself.

I have recently been watching the first few seasons of the TV show “House”, which I did not see first time around. I am struck by how often the diagnosis gets missed because a small but key symptom is missed. In his Gospel Luke pays attention to details which the other writers do not mention. These details build up a facet of the story of Jesus, the other Gospels all have a different emphasis.

I was leading a conversation around our stories of God a few years ago – there were a few swashbuckling tales but the thing that took my attention was the person who talked about sitting down with their coffee in the morning and spending time with God. It made sense, it was recognizable to me.

In the TV show things which seem insignificant are often vital to the health of the patient. In the story of our faith as the people of God, things we regard as insignificant are often vital to people understanding the story of Jesus. They offer a view which is ordinary and within reach.

This week pause just a little while to notice where you find God, no matter how small the place. These are your stories and they matter, immensely.