Formation and Arts Find Partnership at Christ Church

“Go therefore into the main streets, and invite everyone you find to the wedding banquet.” (Matt 22:9)

Several years ago, the Music and Arts Ministry at Christ Church developed a plan to provide occasional music lessons and increase our participation in the arts. Since then, the Christ Church School of the Arts has thrived and expanded its reach, and now has a new director in Casey Slone.

Casey has developed plans and programs to build bridges between the arts and our outside community, as well as the other areas of discipleship so critical to our common mission. This is especially true of Christian Formation.

As a recent example, the School of the Arts has teamed up with the Formation department to provide The Eden Series, a set of formative learning opportunities centered around this year’s fall musical production, Children of Eden. Art history, drama and acting methods, biblical interpretation and storytelling each contribute to enrich participants’ understanding of the Biblical stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah, which are also broadly interpreted in the musical.

We believe that discipleship is at its best when it stands at the intersection of our faith practice and the community’s interest. When we do this well, we not only enhance our faith, but also share it with others. The collaborative opportunities between the School of the Arts and our life of faith is one way in which we answer God’s call to go out into the streets and invite others to join us in the great feast we share.

Casey’s position as the Director of the School of the Arts is currently provided for through special funding in the form of a generous gift to the church’s endowment. Long term funding and expansion will move to the regular annual budget. Your pledge is vital to support these new and exciting projects. This is your Bold Work and one which will continue to pay dividends in ways which we cannot anticipate or imagine.
We believe Christ Church is called to continue our investment in this area, as we plan for
additional opportunities to use Formation and Arts to transform lives through the love of God in Christ.

“When we choose to inspire, disciple, and empower the artists in our churches, guiding them into a collaborative relationship with God, the result – a creative church – can change the world.”
    – Scott McElroy, The Creative Church Handbook