Contemporary Worship Thrives at Christ Church

When you hear the word “worship” what do you think of? A church with pews, a choir or, perhaps, a band with guitars and drums? At Christ Church “worship” includes all of the above, and more.

Over the past few years we have worked hard to expand our range and style of worship to attract and nurture an increasingly diverse population. All of our worship spaces use words which have been with our church for centuries – the liturgy. In our Contemporary Worship Space we seek to re-frame these within the context of a non-traditional setting and with music led by a band.

“All in All”, “Upper Room”, “Youth Service” and “E.P.I.C.”, the contemporary worship experience at Christ Church has gone by many names. The service now takes place at 11.15 on a Sunday morning in our Contemporary Worship Space. This service has resonated with a large number of people who prefer a less traditional form of religious expression. Our contemporary congregation has seen significant growth in the past two years, so much so that the service has exceeded its seating capacity on numerous occasions.

Our ways of worship are always growing and changing. In the Contemporary Worship Service we have embraced the idea of “doing old things in new ways and new things in old ways”. This is followed by the question – is what we are doing the best expression of what we believe? This same question is asked of all our services, not in the belief that there is a single path of perfect worship, but with the conviction that we should strive to give to God our very best.

Some exciting changes are coming to our Contemporary Service. The first is bittersweet, as we bid farewell to worship band leader Lu Rubino, and begin a search for a fulltime Director of Contemporary Music. The second is that, beginning in January 2018, we will host a second contemporary service at 9 a.m. Sunday. All this for the sake of growing new disciples in the experience of our worship life.

We are committed to supporting a full range of worship experiences to allow for excellence and growth. In diversity of worship, we find a fuller expression of the beauty of God, and in that fuller expression a deeper commitment to our life in Christ.