Who We Are

Welcome! We love you.

Christ Episcopal Church welcomes and affirms all people, whoever they are and wherever they are on their journey. We want to share our gifts and our questions so that we continue to be a vibrant community of faith embodying the Good News of God’s love. We invite you to join us!

Christ Episcopal Church is a community of faith centered on the Good News of God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ. We believe that God’s love transforms us as we gather for prayer and worship and are empowered by God’s Spirit to love and serve others. We take time to study, reflect, and discuss Scripture and what our faith means for us and how we can live faithfully through our giving and involvement in the world.

Christ Episcopal Church is a congregation within the Diocese of Florida in The Episcopal Church, part of the global Anglican Communion with 80 million members all over the world. These diverse churches are united in how we worship by The Book of Common Prayer. Our congregation’s worship is expressed in traditional, contemporary, and contemplative styles and includes services in English and Spanish.