With mandatory evacuation orders now in place for most of the Beaches area, many of you are on the move or preparing for a potentially difficult few days. Irma looks to be moving westward but this is still a time of uncertainty and, for many, fear.

Being worried or fearful does not make you a bad Christian. But being a Disciple of Christ might help you to direct some of that fear more appropriately. The Bible reminds us time and again that God is our strength and in God we rest our confidence. This does not mean we cannot be frightened or uncertain but that we should turn to God in those times. “I am scared, God, help me.” Is a good and faithful prayer at this time. Here are some others. “I am frustrated and angry. Remind me of your peace.” “Let me understand what I can change in this situation, and give me strength to accept the other things”. “Help me to look outside my own fear and look for others to help.” “Teach me what is important here, build me up in your love.”

If you are travelling, travel safe. If you are staying, look out for those around you who cannot leave. When you feel your emotions spiraling; stop, take a breath, tell God how you feel and ask for help. You can use your own words and we will publish some prayers on Facebook over the next few hours.

“Happy are those whose strength is in you, in whose heart are the highways to heavenly places.” Psalm 85:4 Happiness in this Psalm is something deep and set within us which cannot be destroyed by any external events. You can be weeping and still have this “heart happiness”. It is not a stupid ignorance, but a deep trust that nothing, as the writer to the Romans says, can separate us from the Love of God. (Romans 8:38&39)