This week we celebrate Candlemas. Before electricity, when candles were the main source of light, they were brought to Church at Candlemas and blessed for the year ahead.The churchy name for the day is “The Presentation of Christ in the Temple”. When Jesus was eight days old his parents took him to the Temple to make a sacrifice. Whilst there they met two people, Simeon and Anna, who both proclaimed the identity of this baby as the Messiah.

I would like to think that the Temple was quiet and holy, that day, like an old musty church in the middle of the week, echoing with centuries of prayer. In fact, the Temple was always busy, think airport, not Church. But in the middle of all of that there was a point of stillness and recognition as Mary and Joseph stopped for conversation with two people, chosen by God, to speak the truth.

This should reassure us that, even in the hustle and bustle, in the noise and chaos, there are moments of stillness to be found. Moments of truth and recognition. Moments when God becomes apparent and we can revel in God’s¬†presence.