Sometimes we might find ourselves thinking that Peter and James and John probably didn’t have anything better to do when they started following Jesus. After all they were just fishermen, they did not have the sorts of life stresses that successful people have.

Matthew, whose feast we celebrate this week, was not a fisherman. He was a tax collector. This meant he was wealthy – not popular, but wealthy. In terms of modern Western society, he was walking away from the sorts of things we often value, a good job, money, career.

I am not sure it is easy for anyone, fisherfolk or business people, to pause life long enough to assess priorities and values. We say it a lot as if it is easy, “just stop for a little bit and you can figure it out”. But it isn’t and even if we stop we do not always come up with answers which make sense. God rarely calls us at convenient moments. Ignoring God’s call is like having a little rock in our shoe which we cannot get out of there. It nags and nags and nags.

Do not believe that there was nothing better to do. I am sure whether as fisherfolk or businessman there were times when the Disciples wondered how and where and when. We all do. Somehow, we have to get into the habit of pausing and breathing and allowing God to change our hearts, before we wear holes in ourselves and declare that following Christ truly, is just not possible.