“Meaning gives us a place to stand: a place from which to meet the events of our lives; a way to experience life’s true value and its mystery.”

What does that mean to YOU?

Life cycle arrow circleThe Center for Study & Exploration at Christ Church is a new adult formation program made available to the congregation and beyond to pause and explore for meaning in our lives through the various disciplines of study and a refreshing look at our faith.

Our mission is to inspire 21st Century Discipleship by exploring a variety of topics within a holy conversation among members of the church and greater community.

We will explore the idea that the study of religion involves the disciplines of history, philosophy, literature, sociology, psychology, anthropology, music, art, and architecture among other topics, in addition to theology.

We will present a varied curriculum, allowing the church to tap into the knowledge, experience, and expertise of our parishioners. What makes this unique is that it is lay organized, lay run, and lay taught by instructors within the parish who have experience and expertise in various fields.The Center will offer short term learning opportunities on a variety of topics to inform, enhance understanding, and empower people of the parish and community.