Coming Together in Faith, Going Forward in Love.

Community Circles provide space for connection, a place to journey and grow together in Christian love and service. These new small groups are forming now at Christ Church. Group leaders set the focus, and group styles range from a traditional bible study, discussions on topics of common interest, or just a place to connect and talk freely. The groups are discussion-based, no “homework” required. There are groups for folks in every life-stage, some are book or lectionary based, some more informally structured.

Gabe Bove will lead a guided exploration of Holy Scripture from a traditional perspective, based on The Bible Study, by Zach Windahl. Per Gabe, the study will be combined with service projects and fellowship gatherings to provide a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ, family, friends, and neighbors.

Mel and Thomas Johnson lead a circle for parents (formerly known as Village Small Group) which offers fellowship, parenting support, and spiritual growth. This group meets weekly on Sunday mornings while children are also in Formation classes.

Susan Wilkinson and Deacon Leila Quinlan will lead a contemplative, book-based community circle starting with the book 50 Ways to Pray, by Teresa Blythe.

In all, there are six Community Circles currently forming. While styles may differ, what the groups have in common is a grounding in faith, and the opportunity to form closer relationships with one another and with God. All six groups plan to begin meeting the week of September 12, and the fall session will run through November 17. Some groups will meet weekly, others bimonthly or monthly.

Group schedules, descriptions and registration are available here.