Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a loosely knit (pun intended) group of parishioners who create shawls for those who are grieving, facing life-threatening illness, other difficult times or in celebration as in the birth or adoption of a child. The parishioner prays while making a shawl. It is given to another who needs to be reminded of God’s blessings. Shawls have been made for centuries and symbolize how we are wrapped in the arms of Christ. Christ Church Shepherds or clergy will deliver the shawl to a parishioner who is suffering and experiencing challenges.

Baby blankets for newborns are also available and often delivered by the MOMS ministry.

The Prayer Shawl ministry also creates beautiful scarves and hats for the homeless of St. Johns County and the Beaches area, including Mission House.

Contact your shepherd if you would like support from the Prayer Shawl Ministry.