Learning the Spiral

If you have landed here you are probably getting ready to go back to the beginning because you know that your prayer life is not a linear place to be but a place of learning and relearning. You will probably understand the concept of a spiral as your journey of prayer. You get to one place and then realize you need to go back near a place where you have already been but with a more learning and experience.

You might have some discomfort in your prayer routines but you also know that this is a part of the journey you are on. You will know that how you are and where you are can profoundly affect your conversation with God. Hopefully you are working towards that conversation being so honest that you are not judging yourself. You might get frustrated at your own lack of knowledge of God, you might perceive, at times, the huge space between human understanding and the wisdom of God. But at other times, you will begin to get caught up in that wisdom and presence in a way which you could never have predicted.

It is entirely possible that you have landed on this page and have no idea what any of this is about. This means you have a great skeleton on which to build the sort of relationship with God which is mentioned above. You have the discipline and tenacity to work through things and become more deeply in love with and in touch with God.

However you are and wherever you are you might want to take inventory. Where are you in life? Is your prayer routine a source of joy more than it is a duty? What sorts of prayer have you yet to explore?

God can offer great grace at any stage of our prayer lives but as we move forward from this point it is important to be open to what we do not know and to the deep promptings of the Spirit. Even if you had 100 percent on the quiz you are not there, none of us are! Prayer is a lifelong work not a singular achievement. In many ways this quiz is to discuss the mechanics of prayer rather than its depths. Those you will explore as you make each turn of your spiral.

You are at an exciting point. Trust God and trust yourself to keep growing. Even if you feel you have gone back a few steps, you haven’t, you have all this experience and these great building blocks on which to rely. Your journey will still have an outward expression in prayer but you will now move towards the inner life of the Soul.