Great Commission3Go and tell!

The women are told, go and tell. They do not ask what or say they do not understand or wonder where the clergy are when they are needed. They go and tell.

Talk about looking stupid.

“Hey, guys, ah…., we saw Jesus, he is risen from the dead.

“No, I have not been drinking.

“No the stress is not getting to me.

“Yes, really.

“Look, if you don’t believe me go and see for yourself….”

Easter goes on for seven weeks because it is a season of proclamation. We tend not to sing Easter hymns all that time and even the readings switch from assuring us that Jesus is risen to teaching us who Jesus is. But we have a job to do.

The women did not have advanced degrees in theology they simply went and said what they had seen.

“We have seen the Risen Lord!”

What have you seen? What have you come to know, to see as true? It is not clever stuff from books, it is just ordinary people meeting Jesus and knowing that we are known and loved. That is all.