Finding God in the Most Entertaining Places

2018 brings new focus and direction for the School of the Arts at Christ Church. Our new programming focuses on building communities around the arts and connecting the arts to the mission of Christ Church. The new series God on Broadway, does just that.


So, why theater and the church? Theater can be a catalyst for discussion and action.The theater provides a safe place to strengthen skills that lead us into better discipleship: loving our neighbors as ourselves, meeting each encounter with an open heart, and respecting the dignity of every person. In the theater we immerse ourselves in the lives of others, gain insight, and practice empathy. In theater we create community, build relationships, and open our hearts to others.

In God on Broadway, a group will attend performances that offer opportunity for discussion. The inaugural spring season has four selections.

First up, in C.S Lewis on Stage: The Most Reluctant Convert, actor Max McLean provides exploration of Lewis’ dramatic conversion to Christianity. Wolf Hall tells the tale of Reformation through Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell. The Curious Incident of the Dog at Nighttime is an immersive production that follows a boy as he investigates a crime of which he was falsely accused. The play won the 2015 Tony Award for best play and was called “eye-opening, life-affirming, and unmissable” by Time Magazine. Finally, the comedy, Bad Jews, follows a family following the death of the patriarch and explores the tensions between practicing faith and secularism with in the same religion.

Following each performance, we will break bread together at a local restaurant for post-show talks. As often as possible, members of the show’s creative team will be invited to join us at the table.

Join the Arts at Christ Church at performances around Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, and St. Augustine enjoy local and touring theater to find God on stage. Discounted group tickets are available when purchased in advance through the church. Each performance will be followed by a discussion over meals at local restaurants.

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Please contact Casey Slone with any questions.