We can never be certain, but the tradition is that St. Luke, the same Luke who wrote the Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles, was a doctor. He seems to pay a lot of attention to details of illnesses in his writing and has become associated with healing and medicine.

At some point all of us will see a doctor, some will have tests and treatments which bring us into contact with a wide range of medical professionals. St. Luke’s day is a good day to remember and say a prayer for all those people who care for us at various stages of our lives. Thank God for their dedication and skill.

It is also a good time to consider how we are when we interact with people in medical settings. Do we become demanding and overbearing or do we take a more circumspect view? Luke is an Evangelist, a bearer of God’s story? Even when we are not speaking about Church or faith, we are still telling a story. Thank God for those who care and pray that we, in our attitude, may care for them.