Holy Week is well and truly upon us. Yesterday we enjoyed the funof a parade of palms and then dropped into the reading of the Passion Gospel. The end of that reading is silence, not the usual “Praise to you Lord Christ” – we have already embarked upon the world of contrast which is set before us in these holy days.

Jerusalem was busy, full of hustle and bustle and into that place of ceaseless movement God injects this strange and wonderful story. I wonder how much time Jesus spent in quietness. I wonder how often he laughed with his friends. This last week is one of contrasts for all of them. Public acts and proclamation, private prayer and companionship.

God is no stranger to our lives, to the things that catch our attention and the things which distract us. I imagine during this week there were plenty of times when Jesus wanted to be somewhere else, anywhere else and others when he was a deep peace with his purpose and calling.

Holy Week is a time to listen to these stories, to find our place in them, to notice our own noise and find our places of quietness. This is a week of contrast, and we should not worry that our lives are real and reflective of that very human reality.