How would you describe yourself in one word? Andy the Adventurous, Roberta the realtor, Maxine the movie-maker? James is known as “Just”  – this does not seem like a bad epitaph. He is described as a “brother of the Lord” – whether this is a western nuclear family description or some wider relation we cannot be sure. James was a leader of the early Church in Jerusalem and the Epistle bearing his name is attributed to him.

The truth of the epitaph is that we do not get to choose our own, neither can we spend our time worrying about what other people think about us. James would urge us, instead, to get caught up in the work which God has set out for us. Not work of simply listening to the Word of God, but the work of living into the Word of God. When we are fulfilling our mission we have little time to worry about what others are thinking of us.

God still gives that same zeal which the early Apostles had. That clarity of vision and fiery love. The problem is we are often kinda busy worrying about defining ourselves instead of allowing ourselves to be defined in God’s work. James probably never thought of himself as particularly just, God just shone that virtue through him.