Weddings at Christ Church

By Maggie FitzRoy

Weddings are joyous and important events at Christ Episcopal Church, and they have been since the church began. Festooned with flowers, the bright and beautiful stained-glass sanctuary has served as a picture-perfect holy setting for many glowing brides, dapper grooms, and wedding parties, large and small. As has the chapel, for smaller, intimate venues.

Gabby Fekany, the church’s wedding coordinator, has witnessed many, and loves her job. “I love the camaraderie, the commitment, the romantic aspect combined with the fun,” she says. “They’re always happy.”

And, of course, they can be highly emotional for everyone involved—up until the moment the “I do’s” are said, and the beaming couple walks down the aisle. Fekany has seen her share of crying brides, including one who wanted to walk up the aisle with her father and her dog. Unfortunately, at rehearsal, her dog wouldn’t cooperate. “She was heartbroken,” Fekany said, although the wedding went off fine the next day with just dad.

On another occasion, the 13-year old flower girl had a panic attack. And froze. Ten minutes went by with the groom and priest waiting at the front of the church and people in the pews wondering where the bride could be. She finally had to go on without her flower girl.

Some weddings have been huge. One involved twenty-five bridesmaids and twenty-five groomsmen, with about 250 guests. Others small. At a recent wedding in the chapel, the bride and groom were in their eighties, with fifteen guests, and a wedding party that included grandchildren.

For longtime member Vivian Allen, getting married in her church meant everything. She and husband Joe Parido tied the knot in 2017, filling the sanctuary with family and friends, including many from the church, at their Victorian Cowboy themed event. “I felt very loved,” Allen says. “It was the most perfect day, and the most perfect wedding ever.”

John and Jenny Veal were married in Christ Church in 1958.