If we were saying this line to a friend we would say, “Come on, let’s go and adore Him!” Well, we probably would not use “adore” at all but we will get to that next week.

Let’s is an invitation or, sometimes, a command. Let’s grab some lunch; let’s see what is going on here; let’s go!; let’s stop that now, shall we? So what sort of let’s is this for you this Advent? As you can figure out pretty easily, some of these phrases have a real sense of doing something together. On the other hand “let’s see what is going on here,” usually means, “let me look and I will tell you what is going on here.”

Are we inviting those who have already made a faith connection with our community and whom it is easy to find commonality or are we going beyond that comfort-zone? Can we find a way to set direction but to allow flexibility in our route to allow our companion to be able to journey comfortably? Let’s is a word we can only use in relationship with others, in community. We would never ask someone to lunch and say, “but you can only eat what I choose for you.” The goal of lunch is to eat, but what else? The goal of our journey to Bethlehem is Our Lord, but what can we learn along the way?