Living Our Mission: The Church Mice Ministry

Every Thursday at 12:30 p.m., like clockwork, a team of Church Mice scurry in to Christ Church.

Their mission: to tidy up hymnals and prayer books in pews, remove discarded bulletins and other leftover materials, and re-stock cards and envelopes in the pew card holders.

“It’s the easiest Ministry at Christ Church” says lay ministry leader Ernie Ford. In fact, with a time requirement of a one hour or less session twice per month, the folks who make up the “mice” team find the time they spend together in service to be an uplifting part of their week. “It’s always a pleasure to spend time in our beautiful church” Ernie adds, “it’s a stress-free opportunity to assist the church and work with a great group of people.”

A recent recruiting session during a Sunday Ministry Market brought a few new folks onto the team, which has developed a sense of camaraderie over the years, often getting together after their work for fellowship. The team has assigned sessions, scheduled three months in advance, and they serve in the church, chapel and contemporary worship spaces on our Ponte Vedra Campus.

Church Mice are an integral part of the Worship Ministry team, which includes the Altar Guild, Acolytes, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Festival Decorators and Ushers. While we don’t often see them at work, we all benefit from their service each Sunday when we reach for a prayer card, or pull open the Book of Common Prayer. If you would like information on joining the Church Mice team, contact team leader Ernie Ford

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