vicars chapelParishioners Bill Ross, Mary Henry and Marjie Wood have a few things in common. They all live at Vicar’s Landing, they have attended Christ Church’s Sunday service and they have served in ministry at the mid-week services held at Vicar’s.

There are several services during the week: Evening Prayer on Tuesdays and a Wednesday noon Holy Eucharist service held in the chapel. Christ Church Eucharistic Visitors also bring communion to residents in the Health Center and Stratford, the assisted living center. Even though Christ Church offers these opportunities at Vicar’s, other denominations also offer worship and Bible studies there.

Bill points out that these various services help those residents who cannot attend the main church on Sunday. “Those parishioners know that Christ Church is looking after them,” he says. “It’s a presence they can count on.”

Bill assists with the various services, along with several other Christ Church parishioners who live at Vicar’s Landing. Bill serves the chalice at the Wednesday service and leads the Evening Prayer.  “With all they do in one way or another,” Bill says, “there’s every opportunity to receive Holy Eucharist.”

Mary agrees the Christ Church services are extremely helpful to the residents at Vicar’s. While the services are typically attended by the same group, Mary assures that she always looks for new people. “I want to be there for that person who may not always attend,” she says.

Marjie not only attends the Wednesday service, but she also sets up the chapel’s altar. As a regular participant of Wednesday morning services at the main Christ Church campus in the past, she now is unable to do so. “This Wednesday service (at Vicar’s) gives me a chance to worship and receive Eucharist in the middle of the week,” she says. “It’s a big part of my life.”