With over 20 years of experience providing reentry services in Florida, Operation New Hope provides comprehensive case management support, soft/hard skills training, job placement and family reunification to people with a criminal record, in order to break the cycle of incarceration and poverty. Christ Church has been an outreach partner to Operation New Hope since 2020. CEO / Founder Kevin Gay recently shared outcomes and next moves in an impact report to Christ Church.

I want to thank Christ Episcopal Church for being vital to the success of Operation New Hope since 2020.  Coming into 2021, we were all hopeful for a better year. And we are happy to report we have achieved just that, in large part because of your generous giving and willingness to give hope and opportunities to others.

In a world of uncertainty, your commitment to breaking the cycle of incarceration has remained constant. For that, we are forever grateful.

Last year was a prime example of how important our work is, and you believed in it too. You helped us meet the immediate needs of our clients during the height of the pandemic. Without your support, we would not have been able to imagine a year like we have had so far. In 2020, we had to make our programs virtual, which has inspired us to pursue development of an eLearning version of our Ready4Work program. We are also working on expanding our services to more locations around the state, and plan to open an office in Orlando in 2022.

Program Success Rates:

• Average Graduation Rate of Ready4Work Participants is 78%
• Average Employment Rate of Ready4Work Graduates is 87%
• Average Wage of Ready4Work Graduates is $11.67 (compared with $8.56 min. wage)
• Operation New Hope’s Recidivism Rate is 8.64% (compared with State’s rate of 25.7%)

Thanks to you, we have been able to turn our focus from “if’” we were going to accomplish our goals to “what’s next” for our organization.

Your donations have provided families the hands-on support they would not have received elsewhere. You helped reunite Kate with her child, gave Aaron a career at Miller Electric, and set Cassie on a path to health and recovery. You gave them a Voice of Hope!

Read / download the full version of the OPERATION NEW HOPE IMPACT REPORT.

On behalf of the team at Operation New Hope, we want to thank you again for believing in us and our clients. Thank you for helping us rebuild stable families, strong economies, and safe communities. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you, as we look to create even more Voices of Hope.

With Great Hope,

Kevin T. Gay
Operation New Hope