Holy Cross day is not a festival that most people are jumping up and down to celebrate. It is however, and this may surprise you, high up in the ranking of feasts and festivals. (find out more). Holy Cross Day is not a return to Good Friday with its depths of sorrow, but it still requires us to stop and pay attention to God’s life-bringing act.

Many people find a crucifix unsavory. Why would we look at Jesus suffering instead of Jesus triumphant? Whilst there is a lot to be said for this outlook we must also be careful that the Cross does not just become one more thing which we brush past in our lives but never really enter into. In other words, the cross can never become a mere ornament, it is something life-changing and life-giving. Life changing and deeply life giving things are often hard.

Cross shapes are all over the place. Paving stones meet in crosses, there are crossword puzzles and cross streets. Perhaps on Holy Cross day we might do well to notice all these cross shapes which surround us and pause for a few moments. God is in the world, just as all these shapes and places can tell a story and serve as a reminder to those who pay attention. Pay attention in the happy places and sad places. The place where the pavers meet in our favorite park and the ceiling tiles meet in the hospital room.  God is woven into our lives and the lives of those around us, if only we will pause and look and listen.