Welcome The Rt. Rev. Porter Taylor

“Humans are hardwired to make meaning through story. Without it, we’d live in a meaningless universe. The way we understand our faith is by embracing that story, and giving it away. We’re not trying to sell a product here. This is not promotion. We are having a deep conversation, with people we already know, about things that matter” says the Rt. Rev. Porter Taylor, retired Bishop of Western North Carolina.

RevGPorterTaylorOn April 1 we will host Bishop Taylor on the Christ Church Ponte Vedra campus. During his visit he will share some of the story of his life and faith, and through themes of Redemption and Wonder, help us explore and share our own stories.

“We all have one common story,” Bishop Taylor suggests. “It’s redemption. ‘Once I was lost, now I am found.’ God will do with that what God wants to do. I know what my conversion has done for my life, I’m grateful for that, and I want other people to have that experience.

“We don’t really know our own story until we tell it. In telling, we revisit it. We remember, and we are remembered (as said in the Eucharist) to God in those moments. Likewise, in hearing others’ stories, it reminds us of things about our story which we may have forgotten.

This is what we do as Christians. We come together to reenact the story.”

On the night before he died, he took bread, and when he had blessed it, he broke it and gave it to his disciples and said take, eat.

“When we hear that, we are not limited to this time and this place. We are in a room in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, and we are here. We are at the great banquet with angels and archangels and all the company of heaven.”

Join Bishop Taylor for My Story, Our Story, God’s Story.  Details and RSVP Here