Update on the Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT)

We would like to share a quick update on the congregational assessment (CAT) that our parish participated in this January. This tool is a way to hear from all of us—parishioners, staff, vestry, and clergy—to learn how we experience Christ Church and what our hopes are for our shared future in terms of worship, community, and ministry. It also provides a benchmark to help us see how we compare with churches of similar size and demographics.

After a few months of delay due to COVID 19, members of the staff, clergy and vestry were finally able to meet with our consultant this past week. We reviewed the results of special assessments taken by and for each of these groups; and our consultant shared a presentation of the results from the entire congregation. An executive summary document is in the works, and we will share it with you all in the coming weeks.

The Headline is Very Good News

A picture has emerged of Christ Church as a happy, healthy, dynamic congregation that does much good. There is also the potential for us to learn, adapt, and better respond to our world in ways that are true to our calling from God.

This summer we’ll undergo a strategic planning process in which we will continue to learn from these reports and make plans for the future. We will keep you informed of this process as it progresses.

Thank you all for your participation in the CAT. And thank you all for making Christ Church such a special place.