Coming together in faith, moving forward in love

In this eight-week sermon series we want to consider what unites us as people of faith and how that is formed by what Jesus taught and how he lived.

Mark 9:30-37

In this Gospel, Jesus again teaches what is about to happen in terms of his betrayal, death, and resurrection. The implications of what this means for his disciples is addressed in the second half of this passage. Almost humorously, they are described as arguing about “who was the greatest.”

Jesus teaches a radically different way for them and all his future followers—they are to be “servants of all” (where we get the modern phrase, “servant leadership”). Jesus then focuses their attention on a child—that how we welcome one child is a sign of how we welcome Jesus in our lives. So, our questions this week: How do I live my faith? Do I seek to be “first” or am I serving others as Jesus taught? Do I take time to welcome children?