Thirty Days of Prayer

This Fall we will be running a program based on the book “Moment by Moment; a retreat in every day life”

When we hear the word “retreat” we may have all sorts of reactions. Do I have to go somewhere? Will it be boring? Will someone judge me? Can I watch TV? Prayer, what is prayer, I don’t know how to do that!

The great thing about a retreat in every day life is that is it, just that, in every day life. You carry on with your regular routine but carve out a time each day for prayer, reading and reflection. The book gives prompts each day and you can move on through them, or, spend a while pondering and praying through one page.

The pace and time is your own. Groups will meet weekly for prayer and to share reflections and experiences. These small groups will have an experienced guide leading them. You can meet over breakfast, lunch or dinner or use space at Christ Church. Your presence at the group matters, whether you say anything is up to you.

There will be six meetings for each group. One before the program begins, one at the end of each week of the program, and then one a week or so after the program finishes to think through where you want to go from here. Throughout the program a clergy person or spiritual director will be available to you, as needed. Follow the link below to begin a journey to the heart of God, quite unlike any other.

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