Our middle schoolers returned from their mission to Charlotte, NC  July 29, completing the summer mission trips for our youth program. We took 20 middle school youth to Charlotte, and 27 high school youth to Asheville back in June.

Summer mission trips provide opportunities for our youth to more fully understand what it means to go out to serve and be the hands and feet of Jesus through service. Excitingly, we had opportunities to do many types of service, from spending time making lunch and eating lunch with veterans experiencing homelessness, to gardening in community gardens, painting a veteran’s center, making food and delivering food for people in need, and playing with kids at Boys and Girls Club. These are just a few of the over 20 different ministry sites we collectively saw between our high school and middle school mission trips.

In the coming year, it is the hope of the Youth at Christ Church to take what we learned and experienced in Asheville and Charlotte, and bring into our experience at Christ Church and Ponte Vedra. We’ll continue to do service throughout the year, but also to talk about how we can be the light of God’s love to everyone we meet.